Falcom has released more information regarding recently announced Ys VIII characters Ricotta & Hummel, including better art and new screenshots.

Ys-VIII_03-10-16_002The recently announced Ricotta is a 12-year-old whipmace wielder, who uses the strike attribute and was living on the Isle of Seiren long before Adol and his companions landed there.

Innocent, autodidactic, and quirky due to her upbringing (she was raised by the books that washed ashore), she is waiting by herself for her father – who went out to explore the island but never returned.

Ricotta offers her mastery of the island’s geography and knowledge of the Ancients – as well as her stamina – to the group.

Ys-VIII_03-10-16_001The lightly detailed 24-year-old Hummel is a Bayonet wielder, using the shoot attribute to protect his career as a stand-alone courier of mysterious things.

A man with extreme pride, he finds it inexcusable to handle a request with anything but perfection – and as such refuses to say what the details of his current job are (despite washing up with his cargo).

Aside from details on Ricotta and Hummel, we’re also given the list of main cast and their respective voice actors – which include the following;

  • Adol (voiced by Yuki Kaji)
  • Laxia (voiced by Natsumi Takamori)
  • Sahad (voiced by Hidenobu Kiuchi)
  • Dana (voiced by Saori Onishi)
  • Hummel (voiced by KENN)
  • Ricotta (voiced by Nozomi Yamamoto)

Lastly, we have information on some of the tools you’ll be able to use on your journey; tools like the Grip Glove, Luminescence Stone, and Gale Wings.

The Grip Glove allows you to move up ivy-covered walls – getting you past otherwise unpassable obstacles, the Luminescence Stone faintly lights up the dark – allowing you to find your way, and the Gale Wings greatly enhance your dash speed (as well as letting you use the force of the dash to ram enemies).

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana is due out July 21st in Japan, are you looking forward to it?

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