FuRyu has released some new details and screenshots for upcoming game Caligula. The game is a mix of school life, sci-fi, and rebellion.

Within the artificial world of Mobius you’ll be spending your time living the ideal school life. Within the school there will be over 500 students, each with their own unique name and profile. Each student has their own trauma from the real world that they have forgotten about whilst inside Mobius.

Caligula_2016_03-11-16_006Some of the students begin to realise that Mobius is not a real world and form the Going Home Club. Members of this group have a unique talent called the Catharsis Effect. It causes a black substance to break through their skin and take the form of weapons. A stake also ruptures painfully through their chest and has a look which is unique to each character.

Protagonist – Normal


Protagonist – Catharsis Effect


Shogo Satake – Catharsis Effect


Mihue Shinohara – Catharsis Effect


In battle you’ll have access to the Imaginary Chain system. This allows you to see how selected commands will play out by showing you a ‘fantasy’. This fantasy will update for every action you select and allows you to easily put together impressive combos.

Check out these screenshots to see this in action:


One of your characters uses an attack to launch an enemy into the air.


With another character you can then select an attack which is aimed up in the sky. By looking at the fantasy you can check that the enemy will get hit by the attack.


A different attack can then be selected by a third ally. The fantasy will be updated to show the enemy getting beaten up with this new attack.

Caligula_2016_03-11-16_004To finish things off use a finishing blow with a fourth ally. You’ll be able to check in the fantasy that all of these attacks connect and hit the enemy.

Caligula_2016_03-11-16_005When you’ve finished checking out the fantasy time will start moving again and your selected attacks will change from fantasy to reality, dealing great damage to the enemy.

Watch the video below to see new footage that was debuted at Dengeki Game Festival (gameplay footage starts at 28:56 and at 33:10).

Caligula is due out for PS Vita in Japan June 23.