Compile Heart has announced their next new title as active dungeon RPG Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter.

A collaboration between Compile Heart, Dengeki Bunko, and Dengeki Playstation, Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter is headed to PlayStation Vita as an “active dungeon RPG” set in a twisted version of 1999 Japan.

The story goes like this; in September of 1999 a living prison called “Jail” appears, swallows up a great city, and submerges it 666 metres underground. There, it goes on developing; the citizens of the city trapped and tormented by their own desires. Appetite, sexual needs, and the the want of sleep feed the jail – which needs to grow in order to close that 666 metre gap. You can’t get out if you can’t reach the outside once you do, and that’s where the protagonist and heroine come in.


The protagonist Jack and his female cellmate Alice were imprisoned by Marchen – monsters born of the Jail. A girl called Akazukin (Little Red Riding Hood) breaks them out as she believes they possess a special ability.

Akazukin is actually a member of a group of girls who’ve formed what they call the “Chishiki Girls Squad” – their goal being to break out. Other members include Oyayubihime (Thumbelina), Shirayukihime (Snow White), Nemurihime (Sleeping Beauty), and more – the lot of them borrowing names of fairy tale heroines. These girls have a special ability of their own, by which they react to the Marchen’s blood and gain enhanced physical abilities.

Moving on from the characters and their qualities, we also get a bit of news regarding the dungeons. The dungeons include puzzle solving elements that include items like arrows, and bombs – as well as a more direct element where a Marchen called “Nightmare” chases you about in real-time (ignoring the “one turn, one move” rule).

Sounding good? Check out the trailer;

With a story written by Yomoji Otono, and character design is by Dakei Naname, Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter is headed to Japan sometime down the line – a release date not yet revealed.

More information will be available in the March 31st issue of Dengeki PlayStation, and a prequel novel will be made available by Dengeki Bunko starting on April 14th.

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