Famitsu has posted a debut online preview of Marvelous‘ newly announced PlayStation Vita title Fate/EXTELLA.


This latest entry in the series tells the story of the Holy Grail War. In the screenshots that Famitsu published we see Nero Claudius (who is voiced by Sakura Tange), a Saber class servant who has outstanding sword skills that got her through the Holy Grail War of the Moon together with her master. Calling herself the ‘Emporer’, she behaves arrogantly regardless of who she’s dealing with – be it friend or foe.

Fate/EXTELLA is set to release in Japan later this year. Keep an eye on the site for more news on this game in the near future!

  • Will E Alsobrook

    looks like fun, heres hoping it makes it here

  • Buckybuckster

    Never played the PSP game that released here in the west, but this one looks like it will deserve my attention.