Character announcements are like buses…

Yesterday we brought you the news that Refia, one of the Warriors of Light from Final Fantasy III, would appear in World of Final Fantasy.

Well it seems that character announcements really are just like buses, because as soon as one arrived, two more have now come along for the ride.

The latest issue of V Jump has been published, and within this lastest edition details of two new characters for the RPG have been revealed.

First is Sid who is a robot that thinks he’s human. He is able to give the protagonists advice by using his extensive knowledge.


Next is Ultima Weapon, which is a high-level entity that issues orders to the Mirages (The monsters that appear in the game).


The World of Final Fantasy is due to release on PS Vita at some point in 2016.

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  • blackwaltz91

    Holy shit, that Ultima Weapon looks badass. I almost wished we will be able to gemify that but I doubt it.