This new trailer from Idea Factory International shows off one of the most important features of the game; Affection Points, while some new screens put the focus on battle.

By increasing the affection between you and your Overlord (through talking them and giving them gifts), you’ll be able to strengthen your relationship – creating a buffer for your Overlord in battle. This means that before Trillion will be able to get you you, he’ll have to go through your love first.

Check out the Affection Points Overview trailer for more details;

In addition to the trailer, we were also given a look at some new battle screenshots;

Trillion: God of Destruction releases in North America on March 29th, and in Europe on April 1st – available both physically and digitally.

  • Zero Eternity

    I pre-ordered this but these latest screenshot make me wary since the characters look kind of rough and pixelated around their edges. Oh well, aside from my inner “graphics nitpicker” I’m hoping the game play pans out as well as what my mind is conjuring.

  • Domino D

    When I first saw this, I was interested, but my interest has waned. The more I see of it, the less I am liking it. I like the drawings (still shots) and the idea of it, but the gameplay is starting to turn me off. With so many games coming out over the next few months, Stranger of Sword City, Grand Kingdom, DOA Extreme 3, Nights of Azure, Dark Souls 3 etc, etc, I need to start passing on some games.