An update from Marvelous has added new features, as well as support for incoming paid additions.

The 386MB, version 1.05 update adds a brand new network battle mode called “Melee Battle.” This new option sees up to four characters fighting on a shared stage – the goal being to knock off the others, but not get knocked off yourself.

In addition to the new Melee Battle mode, there’s also support for new DLC added in the update – a list of which is available below (followed by some screenshots of Mirei and Minori in action);


  • Mirei & Minori Pack (650 yen)


  • School Swimsuit (300 yen)
  • Gym Uniform (300 yen)
  • Cheerleader (300 yen)
  • Shell Swimsuit (300 yen)
  • Costume Set (900 yen)


  • Crescent Moon Earring in gold, silver, and black colors (100 yen)
  • Moon Drop Earring in red, blue, and gold colors (100 yen)
  • Ribbon Hair Band in red, green, and blue colors (100 yen)
  • Underwater Glasses in red, blue, and black colors (100 yen)
  • Headband in Red Team, White Team, and Blue Team variants (100 yen)
  • White Bread in white bread and toast variants (100 yen)
  • Bread Roll in bread roll and fried soba bread variants (100 yen)
  • Frill Cuffs in blue, pink, and Gothic variants for left and right wrists (100 yen)
  • Baton in Red Team, White Team, and Blue Team variants (100 yen)
  • Accessory Set #2 (750 yen)

So now that we know Japan’s getting the characters from Mermaid… who’s going to send me a 1000 yen PSN voucher so I can play them? 🙁

Either way, review coming soon. 

  • Lester Paredes

    I just got my import copy, too! Now, if everything proceeds as it has before, there’ll be a localization announced soon and I’ll have imported for nothing! For once, I hope it happens…