FuRyu haven’t been shy on sharing information on their upcoming JRPG Caligula, and they have recently updated the games official website with even more information on the games world and story.

First up is the games prologue, which you can read below;

—Come hear the voices from within the darkness. The main voice called itself “μ.” When asked, you answer with your own name. μ proclaims proudly, “It is best to forget the painful reality.” “From now on enjoy your life to the fullest.” The painful reality… You can already no longer remember anything of the sort. Perplexed and in another place, μ says “Welcome to Mobius,” telling you the name of this world. At that moment, your consciousness was cut.

When you become aware, you realize you’re in Kishimai High School. As your consciousness drifts out of a haze you vaguely realize the situation. It seems you’re in the middle of a graduation ceremony, and the graduation greetings are going to be performed. After a short time, the rearranging of your memories comes along… And you’re a Kishimai High School first year student. A typical, carefree high school student living an ideal student’s life in the midst of youth.

After some time passed, the school entrance ceremony began. You, who are of irreproachable conduct and excellent grades, and heavily trusted by those around you, were supposed to make a speech as the second year student representative. You go up on stage to make the address. However, a first year representative boy named Kensuke Hibiki then comes up on stage who, just the other day, read a response as a graduate.

I remembered the intense discomfort in your eyes as you projected Kensuke’s face to be that of a monster. There are more. You realize that there are similar monsters in the students that would have seemed normal until now. You could not stand the fear, jumped off the stage, and began running to escape.

You noticed, you remember it all. This is a different world. The existence of reality. You experienced pain in reality… But even so, you must return.

“He lacks talent.” “That person, too…” “I’ve seen it…”

During the ceremony that continued as if nothing had happened—where you jumped off the stage—only a few students were staring.

Also revealed was information on the games setting, Mobius, which is described as a virtual world created by μ with the main goal of being a happy place for people to live. It is a world where only those who suffer in the real world are invited to visit. Everybody who visits Mobius will be able to forget the real world and become a high school student.

When in Mobius, visitors will become a totally different person than what they are in the real world, changing in both personality and appearance, and most people who visit Mobius don’t realise that they’re no longer in the real world.

In order to grant the wishes of her inhabitants, μ preserves the energy of Mobius’ creation by singing songs composed by human collaborators called “Ostinato Musicians.”

Currently, only an area of the city called Miyabi has been created, with buildings and geographical features composed from the memories of the humans invited to Mobius.

And lastly the Digiheads have also been detailed, described as people who have lost their self awareness, they can be considered as slaves of μ. They are able to attack those who express negativity in the world of Mobius if μ deems it necessary.

Caligula is set to launch in Japan on June 23rd and we’ll be sure to share more information on the game as it’s revealed. In the meantime check out some of the games art in the gallery below.

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