Here’s all you could ever want to know about the RPG.

A couple of week ago, Summon Night 6: Lost Borders was unleashed for PS Vita and PS4 in Japan. Prior to the release, Bandai Namco revealed some more details regarding the games characters and story. If you are on the fence about importing the title, here’s all the information to better acquaint youself with the cast:


She was summoned whilst on the way to meet someone for an errand in Eucross. Unfortunately being summoned did not work out well for Spinel, as she now has no memories prior to it and her magical powers have been weakened. This mean she can not use her “Miracle”.

She is rescued by Azlier, but rather than be happy about this leads her to being on the verge of tears. Since being rescued she travels with Azlier.




A strong female commanding officer who leads the empire army’s naval battle unit. Her unit is destroyed by the Colorless Faction’s Army, who are led to Azlier by her true brother Ishlar. This is due to the fact he has been possessed by the Magical Sword. Azlier is determined to save her brother from this possession. She is summoned whilst she is together with Rexx. After being separated she is on a mission to find Rexx, whilst travelling with Spinel.



As you can probably tell from her cowgirl style, she is a gunner from Kyle’s pirate family. Her story begins when she greets Aty as a guest, who is qualified to wield the magic sword. She throws herself head first into the mystery of the island and the battle against the Imperial Army. She is summoned whilst with Kyle and Aty on a pirate ship. After becoming seperated from Kyle and the others she meets Scarrel. However this could potentially cause trouble as it seems that he is an assassin.



He is a ‘Crimson Gloves’ Assassin. Although he has a shady occupation, he has a joking attitude and doesn’t take himself too seriously. He is summoned during a mission and he meets Sonolar in the Cocoon World. He has never met her before, but is surprised to discover that she seems to know all about his future self. During an encounter with a Nether Beast, he protects Sonolar but is injured himself. Due to the Nether Erosion he suffers, his ability to reason slowly diminishes.


Kaijin Erst

He is a genius mediation summoner, who belongs to a different world organisation Eucross. His younger brother Ghift is distorted by delusion, which unfortunately leds to Kaijin Erst becoming implanted with a Nether, which in turn allows him to become a Nether Destroyer. When he was summoned he was not in a strong state of mind, which means he is reckless and unable to control himself. He transforms into an illegal presence spreading Nether to his surroundings wherever he goes.



Like Kaijin Erst, she is also a mediation summoner. She is rather concerned about the uproar surrounding the Nether which is what the secret maneuver “Crimson Chain” stems from. She meets Kaijin Erst whilst exploring an unknown world. As she was unable to rescue him previously, she is determined to help him.



He is also concerned about the Nether uproar. In an unexpected twist, Kagerou finds out that he is the new life born of the purification light, the rival of Nether, who wavers on the Boundary of Worlds. He is summoned whilst out shopping on one of his very rare days off.



He is summoned while out on an errand. Unable to grasp the situation, he meets Ishlar when he was at a loss, and travels together with him.


Gian Crastof

He is a member of the Colorless Faction and has a ‘Beast Trainer’ name. He is on a journey to take revenge on his father, whilst on this journey he recuses Enysha who was captured by a demon summoner. Both their goals are to reach Maetropa, but they are separated when they are summoned in a snowstorm.



Deceived by a bad person and sold to a demon summoner, she is rescued from her fate of becoming an eternal youth experiment by Gian. After that, the two continue their journey to find a way to Maetropa, but get summoned in the middle of it while caught in a snowstorm.


As well as these new characters, story details were revealed. Here’s what we learnt:

Raj and Amu finally meet. Will Isuto’s intentions finally come to light?

Raj and Amu finally meet beyond the barrier Zesshiheki.

Assuming that each other is a resident of this world, the two are impressed that they were not isolated, and before them, Isuto suddenly appears.

Isuto, who has been watching over the two, uses his vision to show them a woman soldier named Azlier and Spinel attacked by enemies.

Rex and Aty, who both know Azlier, immediately start running towards her to help.

Their allies follow, but Isuto calls Raj and Amu to a halt and asks them, “Why are you running to the aid of these unrelated people who come from another place?”

Fight alongside the allies gathered by Arca to save Scarrel from becoming a Nether!

Scarrel, worried about becoming a Nether, disappears.

At Sonolar’s reuqest, everyone searches for Scarrel.

After a short time, Corlal senses a magical power that resembles that of a Nether Beast.

At their own peril, they head towards it, and waiting for them is Kaijin Erst and a Nether-eroded Scarrel.

In the middle of the fight, during which carelessly touching the Nether will result in erosion, a girl with the same uniform as Folth and red hair appears on the battlefield.

Her name is Arca—another person who comes from a different time axis compared to Folth, is a “Mediation Summoner,” and with her Cross Kagerou boldly stands against Kaijin Erst.

We were also treated to some new screenshots, which you can check out below:

Summon Night 6: Lost Borders was released in Japan on March 10th for PS Vita and PS4.