Koei Tecmo has updated the website for Toukiden 2 with new character & gameplay details plus a whole load of new screenshots.

Say hello to Benizuki! She’s a Slayer renowned for her strength in Mahoroba Village and is one of the five Itsukusa Heroes who fought during the battle of Oomagadoki. She’s loved by everyone and is very gentle person but due to a certain incident she does have a darker side…


Homura is a world class wandering fighter who has reluctantly accompanied Benizuki ever since she defeated him.


Kashiri (which means curse) is a large, red-scaled, winged oni. Beware of its nails and breath, both of which are said to contain a terrible cursed poison that can transform humans into oni.


So you might be wondering a bit about the battle system in Toukiden 2, well take a look at the next set of screenshots in the gallery below.

The screenshots show a device known as Demon Hand. It can materialise thought and create a giant hand which has the ability to beat the cr*p out of demons, leaving nothing behind.

The hand can grab demons allowing you to jump towards them to unleash an attack. When your demon hand is full of power you’ll also be able to force a demon down on to the ground.

Another cool feature of demon hand will be its ability to take in Chimyaku which is a natural power containing the five elements. You can either shoot this power out or absorb it into your sword.

Slayers have the ability to perform a number of pretty awesome looking attacks like the Oni Thousand Cut. This is an attack which can be used when your soul power is at its limit and can instantly kill small oni or sever limbs from larger oni.


Once body parts have been severed you can perform an Oni Exorcism to exorcise and dismiss them from the world. This will also stop oni from being able to regenerate the severed limb.


You’ll also be able to use Oni Eyes to see enemies weaknesses and discover hidden things in the spirit world.


Oni can capture the souls of defeated heroes but by freeing these unfortunate souls you can absorb Slayer powers which you attach to your weapon. Check out the gallery below to see some of the Slayer powers in action:

Toukiden 2 is set to release in Japan in 2016. Do you like the look of this? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Lester Paredes

    Yes! It looks and sounds awesome!

  • Kaboom

    Hoping for a release date soon (for USA), cause this is awesome!

  • Dirty Geeza

    Yeah Even Tho I Havent Finished Toukiden: Kiwami…. I Would BUY This On Day One …. i Have No doubts This Is Going To Be …. Legendary ….. Until The Release In West ….. I Will Be Waiting !!