Colossal, creepy and colourful trailer revealed for upcoming dungeon-crawling RPG.

Stranger of Sword City is now available digitally on Xbox One in North America, but of course the only version we care about is the handheld PS Vita edition.

The handheld version of the RPG is being published by NIS America, and they will be releasing the title both physically and digitally on April 26th in North America and three days later on the 29th in Europe. Ahead of the handheld release, the publisher has unveiled a new story trailer for the game, which gives us a good look at the art style, tone, characters as well as the plot itself. Check it out below:

Here is a brief explanation of the plot:

The flight you are on crashes when it passes through a mysterious portal. It seems that you are the soul survivor of the doomed flight as you awaken alone in an unfamiliar land, with stars that you have never seen before. You soon discover that you are in Escario, the city of swords. Soon you are marked as “The Chosen One”, the stranger of Sword City and are tasked with defending this mysterious land, choosing your allegiances and attempting to return home.

Keep checking back to TVL as we head towards to PS Vita release of Stranger of Sword City.