Koei Tecmo have revealed the release date for Toukiden 2the sequel to the popular demon slaying game series, and its launch isn’t too far off.

Toukiden 2 will launch in Japan on June 30th and will retail for 6,800 Yen. Also revealed was the Treasure Box edition of the game, which will include a special art book, soundtrack nine character illustration clear files, and a download for exclusive armor, this set will cost 10,600 Yen for PlayStation Vita owners.


Also revealed are some Japanese retailer exclusives, Amazon Japan and Gamecity will offer an exclusive set which will contain all of the contents of the Treasure Box edition but will also include 17 Slayer charms, two original clear files, and a download code for the “Nyaburaham Rinnyan” exclusive Mitama


PlayStation 4 owners will get access to a demo of the game on April 11th, but Koei Tecmo have also revealed that a PlayStation Vita demo is also in the works and more information on it will be revealed soon.

A few new tidbits have also been revealed including that Character Creation will allow you to create a character in your own image, being able to edit many facial features. New character Queen will be voiced by Shoko Nakagawa. It’s good to have save data from Toukiden: Age of Demons or Toukiden Kiwami. There is no equipment transferring, though.

The strength of demons is less than after the Kiwami update. Both the story mode and multiplayer mode degrees of difficulty are being regulated, the former so that it doesn’t disrupt the story. Powerful demons and such are being prepared for the game’s end content.

Some sort of Tenko feature will certainly be put in. You’ll mingle with characters from the previous game every now and then. There will be purification ceremonies.Thee will be six areas each with different features. Scenery from the previous game, such as castles, will also appear.

Let us know in the comments below if you’re looking forward to Toukiden 2 and stay tuned to The Vita Lounge as we’ll be sure to share more details as we get them.

  • Dirty Geeza

    Shame I Dont Speak jappaknees !!

  • Mike Sony

    Damn toukiden news keeps getting better,I knew they wouldn’t pull punches on character creation but damn
    I don’t know how I feel about vita owner’s not getting to try the demo first but still elated 🙂

    • Dirty Geeza

      You Just Know It’s Going To Be What Us Vita Players Need !!!

      • Mike Sony

        Damn straight!! 🙂