Nippon Ichi Software has announced a new game, World’s Longest 5 Minutes.

Releasing in Japan on July 28th and priced at 3,980 yen, there isn’t anything else we know about the game. However, it does have a website with a five-minute countdown. More news is expected out of this week’s Weekly Famitsu magazine.


For more news on World’s Longest 5 Minutes, keep it tuned to The Vita Lounge.

  • Dirty Geeza

    What is it with all these crappy retro wanna be … games ….!? Snes did it Best in The 90’s …. & these newer ones .. Don’t Even Compare in game play or art design …….

  • xxAcesHighxx

    Wow, the first thing that name and artwork brought to mind for me was much loved PSP title, Half-Minute Hero! Though it’s doubtful that The Worlds Longest 5 Minutes has anything to do with that miniature masterpiece :0(