PQube has come to the table with some release details for Gal Gun: Double Peace.

If you’ve been looking for news on Gal Gun: Double Peace since PQube confirmed they’d be publishing it in January, you’re not alone – but now we’re here to share some good news, so you can breathe a sigh of relief at your leisure. 😉

Gal Gun: Double Peace has been slated for a Summer release, and will be available in a special “Mr. Happiness Edition” for those of you that need all the goodies alongside your game.

It will include (alongside a copy of the game);

  • A premium quality art book
  • Four DLC costumes: Cunning Kunoichi, Wedding Dress, Sexy Ribbons, & Sakurazaki Squad 777
  • Exclusive Shinobu & Maya wall scroll
  • Official Gal Gun: Double Peace soundtrack
  • Supreme, ultra-rare, extra-soft Mr. Happiness “Screen Cleaner”


This special edition will be available exclusively from Rice Digital, in both North American and European flavours.

Have we got your gal gun going yet? 😉

  • Those prices!!!

  • Roger Dillon

    The damn publisher is ignoring my emails!

  • Kaboom

    Wh- $95???? … *Takes a breath…* … *Looks at my wallet…* … I’m gonna wait on that… *The wallet sighs with relief…* … Maybe. *The wallet gasps.*