If you buy the digital version of One Piece: Burning Blood in Japan, you get a bonus costumeĀ as a gift – we get a look at that gift in this new trailer.

Included in first print copies of the game, as well as the digital version from the PSN, the “Perona Swimsuit Costume” is a sight to be seen – so you should check it out below!

One Piece: Burning Blood releases April 21st in Japan, May 31st in North America, and June 3rd in Europe.

  • Aguirre Camarena Quiahuitzin

    OMG boobs. Destructoid and gameranks will give these -100/10

  • Will E Alsobrook

    erg…still hoping we get the preorder bonuses for the digital copy for vita…want that gear 4 and afro luffy