Famitsu has revealed the existence of a second demo for the upcoming Uppers, as well as some first print free DLC with Daidoji from our favourite busty ninja game.

The first demo wasn’t a bad time at all, giving us a decent introduction to the game for those who didn’t quite understand what they were getting – but it was short, and the game was delayed and re-dated since then. It’s time for another demo.

Releasing March 31st in Japan, Uppers‘ second demo will net you a 1000 yen discount on the digital version of the game when it releases. You can be sure I’ll be taking it for a test run as well, so be prepared for some footage if you’re not into the region swap. 😉

Also announced was the inclusion of Senran Kagura alumni Daidoji, who will be available for free in first-print copies of the game when it releases July 14th. She makes the leap through time and space, ending up on Last Resort island for some ass-kicking action.

Are you getting more interested in Uppers? Producer Kenichiro Takaki surely hopes you are.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t delay it again. 😉

  • Lester Paredes

    Oh, snap! Daidoji? She’s one of my favorite characters from Senran Kagura, so yes, very interested. If only Hikage could somehow join… It looks like fun, I saw the video you put up previously. Like a more colorful god hand in terms of action and play style.