Story and character information ahoy!

Compile Heart have revealed new details regarding their upcoming pirate themed RPG. Within the new details, the games story has been outlined and the seven pirates have all been showcased. Have a read of the plot line below:

The story follows a pirate girl named Parute, who is in the middle of a voyage to find treasure. But things don’t go to plan, as a monster child, named Otton, wearing a bra on its head drops her into the ocean.

She lands in a phantom sea, named the Monsupi Sea, where treasure is rumoured to be hidden. In this strange place, there are no humans, with the only inhabitants beingĀ “Monster Girls” and the “Pai Clan” who have familiar looking heads.

She decides to go on a mission the find the hidden treasure of the Monsupi Sea. Will she find the goods and return home safely?

Here’s a quick look at all seven of the pirates:

Parute Kairi


The main protagonist. She is bright and positive, and although she finds herself in a difficult situation, stuck in a phantom ocean and all, she decides to take advantage and look for treasure.



This pirate monster girl owns her own pirate ship in the Monsupi Sea. But for some reason she is facing money troubles.



Not the friendliest of monster girls, as she is known to lay waste to pirate ship just for the sake of being bad. She is not short on self-confidence and uses charm attacks.



Similar to Parute, this monster girl is also looking for treasure. She is mischievous and likes having fun, but is a pro at locating hidden treasure.



This monster girl is the captain of the pirates. She is extremely confident in her own abilities and would much rather settle an argument in a fight rather than by talking.



Little is revealed about her personality, but what we do know is that in the story she attacks a pirate ship she bumps in to for no apparent reason.



Poron lives a secluded on a ghost-ship. This has made her quiet but also naive in selfishness.

Let us know who your favourite pirate is! Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates is due to release this Summer in Japan. Keep checking back to TVL for all the latest news from the world of pirate RPGs!

  • Yoyitsu

    So the protagonist is not the captain, interesting. I wonder what she looks like with the coat over her shoulders, I hope that’s an alternate costume. Is the rest of her shirt hanging down her back?

    The designs are all good, it’s just too bad nobody informed Poron how hot the weather is.

  • Lester Paredes

    I like all of their designs. They look very cool. I’d sure love to try out a JRPG style pirate game, even if one if the main mechanics is bewbs. Or, perhaps, especially if one of the main mechanics is bewbs. I like bewbs. Free the nipple and such.
    PS: I tend to vacilate between being all for and somewhat reluctant on these oppai games… I have no idea what’s wrong with me.

  • Buckybuckster

    Nice character designs!