Isometric puzzle platformer Lumo will scratch that nostalgia itch!

Being developed in a partnership between Rising Star Games and Triple Eh?, Gareth Noyce, the developer of Lumo, has just announced that the digital title will be arriving on the PlayStation network for both PS4 and Vita next month. You’ll also be glad to hear that Noyce also confirmed that the game is cross buy! Meaning that if you buy it on one platform you will get it on the other at no extra cost!

In a recent post on the European PlayStation Blog Noyce announced that Lumo will take the form of an isometric puzzle platformer. Citing games of yesteryear such as Knight lore and Head over Heels as his inspiration.


Noyce also promised what sounds like a puzzle game of epic proportions. Describing Lumo as ‘450 rooms split across four different zones, including secret paths, tons of hidden rooms, ducks to rescue, coins to collect & spend, and six mini-games to find and unlock!’

Lumo will be arrive on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on 22nd of April 2016.

As always the Vita Lounge will keep you updated as Lumo’s April release draws nearer so stay tuned for more info as it drops.