The wait is finally over! Lab Zero Games is releasing it’s gorgeous, hand-drawn arcade fighting game Skullgirls 2nd Encore next week in North America. 

Coming almost one year after it’s July 7, 2015 PS4 and PS3 release, fans can now beat on their favorite Skullgirls on the go April 5, 2016 in North America! The PS Vita version will include all 5 of the characters previously released as DLC, a fully-voiced story mode, new challenge and trial modes, and an all-new survival mode.

The title will also feature cross-play between versions and is cross-buy for anyone who has already purchased it on another platform. The developer also confirms that PlayStation TV owners can look forward to local multiplayer support.

With the Vita version of Skullgirls 2nd Encore in the bag, developer Lab Zero Games has now shifted their efforts to a patch for all versions of the game to include multiplayer lobbies. This patch will release simultaneously with the Vita launch on April 5. These 8-player lobbies will be unique to the fighting game circuit, as all 8 contestants can be paired off to fight at the same time rather than queue-up, a feature Lab Zero calls “All Play”.

The newly released trailer is fast, frantic and absolutely beautiful.

Are you looking forward to cracking some skull…girls on April 5? Did you already purchase Skullgirls 2nd Encore for another platform? Are you a European awaiting a date? Give it everything you’ve got in the comments below.

  • Mark Bosco

    I am so excited for this. i play it so much on my PC and have been so hyped to take it on the road when i travel. sucks PS vita doesn’t have a fight stick. but the D-pad it pretty solid so i can’t complain. i cannot wait

    • The D-pad is one of the Vita’s best assets. So good for fighting and twitch platforming.

  • EndRant

    finally. was waiting for the vita version to plat it since I have no time to do it at home now.

  • Lester Paredes


  • Steve Jaworski

    Will there ever be an EU version? Concerning there was no comment as to where it is, let alone whether it’s in the works. Publisher troubles?

  • Tony

    Anyone know the file size? I’ve heard 3 gig but I’ve also heard a whopping 4.5 gig.