A few more tidbits about the next Dynasty Warriors title have been revealed.

Announced just yesterday, Dynasty Warriors: Eiketsuden is a strategic variant of the Dynasty Warriors games – offering grid-based maneuvers as well as Warriors style action bits. It follows Zhao Yun as its protagonist, and is coming this year. That’s pretty much what we found out on reveal, however new details have now begun to surface.

Now we also know that this game is actually set in an alternate universe, and will feature new elements like “Resonance” – the ability to move commanders continuously to wipe out your enemies, and a completely new story. It will also reprtedly feature a Free Battle mode, and the ability to skip cinematic action sequences.

Dynasty Warriors: Eiketsuden is due out in Japan sometime this year.

You down?

  • Lester Paredes

    It sounds interesting. Hopefully, they deliver!