A new version of the PlayStation Vita’s system software has been pushed to Sony’s servers.

To coincide with the PlayStation 4’s big version 3.50 update, Sony has also pushed an update to the PlayStation Vita – bringing us from version 3.57 to version 3.60. No update notes were included with this release, but if we hear anything about what was included (aside from stability) we’ll be sure to update this post and let you know.

Either way however, the update is available right now – so get downloading!

  • Christian Van Offeren

    Downloaded it 🙂

  • for me, the PS4 update with the PS4-PC remote play is an ultimate killer for the VITA and PSTV 🙁 🙁 🙁 … it has surely positive points, but from our VITA-view it is a further step to “silently” bury our beloved handheld. i hope this is just a bad feeling… 🙂

    • I know right? Now i can just stick my laptop and controller in my back pocket and remote play on the go no need for the pesky little vita weighing me down.

  • PS Vita patch notes say
    This system software update improves the quality of the system performance.

    • i will test this 🙂 because i have several freezes with Borderlands 2…

      • Yo

        Me too!

        • uff… that sucks! i downloaded the latest patch of the game and hopes it will not freeze but i was wrong 🙁

          • Yo

            Disabling the oscillation in the interface, reduces freezing in my case, but no all the time.

          • cool, i will give it a try! thx a lot

          • Dirty Geeza

            I think I got lucky .. Mine only crashed once … And I’ve nearly finished it twice !!

      • Yo

        The freezes still same as before 🙁

  • Dirty Geeza

    YOU know It !! & I Know IT … P S VITA… is going to be a collectors item soon enough… Sure There Are A Handful Of Games Coming .. Toukiden 2, … Attack On Titan …. Dragons Quest 2 & Builders .. But Slowly its getting pushed back.. .. .. As For Me im Fine with That as i made my VITA the best it could be .. I have most all of the best games installed on my 64 gig card .. 28 vita must have GAMES and another 15 Ps1 PSP Classic’s … and its still as awesome to play , & Because Most people … Just Didn’t Bother With The VITA. .. .. . … When I Play On A Train Or Airplane .. People always ask what it is…… as my case and analog caps … makes my vita look completely different to the original design …
    Unless Something HUGE Happen’s
    Vita Is Going To Be A Fond Memory !
    in a few years ..

    • Christian Van Offeren

      What case and analog caps do u use?

      • Dirty Geeza

        the case i use .. is called Dreamgear Comfort Grip.. ( Amazon $20 )
        And the analog caps
        i found and bought from this link on youtube ….
        the analog caps made all the Difference…. Much More Playable Vita .. i tried many case’s … this is by far the best out of all 5 i tried …
        Before getting These Add’On’s The VITA Was Very Uncomfortable To Play
        I was doing some Spider Thing with my fingers To Hold my vita …
        But With These Things I Really Can play For Hours & i Do ….
        i Highly Advice Getting Them ..To ALL VITA Player’s ….

        • Dirty Geeza

          P.s The Analog caps Are $15….. And The Guys Sends Them Really Quickly i Got Mine In 2 day’s ……

    • Joep

      Hmmm… I don’t see why so much people think the vita is ‘a collectors item soon enough’. In my point of view it’s alive and kicking (as long as we don’t mind playing games with big shiny eyes and funky hairstyles anyway). The list of games I want to play is growing every month, so even if they should stop making new content, than I could play the rest of my life. Geez, maybe they should stop making cool games for a while… I could catch up 🙂
      But as we, the vita-players, keep yelling that the system is dead, than the system will really die! It’s nonsense, pure rubbish. We like to play on our favourite handheld, so it’s alive.

  • Lester Paredes

    Oh boy! Stability!

  • PlayerPi

    I just did a factory reset and spent an hour re organizing all the icons/wallpapers. just to fix battery drain from the last patch. I hope this does not give me another problem.

    • The battery drain on the last patch was due to the patch “calling home” non-stop. It was fixed on Sony’s end a while back – so you shouldn’t have any problems.

  • Shawn

    It’s just Sony patching hackers from playing pirated games. That’s all they worry about anymore.

  • The new PSVita firmware 3.60 just patches a Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops+ exploit.

    • Dirty Geeza

      Man I just got that last week portable ops it won’t work in USA but it does in uk …

  • Rafael Bueno

    does the patch fix that Battery Drain problem? pls someone tell me