Developers Ratloop Asia have taken to the official PlayStation Blogs rather than the skies to announce the release date of Rocketbirds 2: Evolution, sequel to their 2011 critical-darling Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken.

Rocketbirds 2: Evolution will feature a meaty, six chapter Campaign in addition to some new modes that have the team at Ratloop Asia really excited! They are hoping that these new modes will give players more ways to enjoy the game.

The all-new Rescue mode supports up to four players connected locally or online and tasks your squad to work together to rescue hostages from behind enemy lines. Every rescued hostage will be added to your squad as a fully customizable and playable character! Rescue mode will feature four randomly generated environments for you to explore and loor. With over forty weapons to collect from pistols and rifles, to RPGs and missile launchers, Rocketbirds 2 has definitely come  packing the firepower.

Not all guns are created equal however, and certain combinations of weapons will do more damage with some strategy. The developer explains.

“Certain weapon combinations kill enemies faster – everyone starts off with the Famous 5 (MP5) and two Deagles (Desert Eagle pistols). The pistols can destabilize enemies quickly and get them into the air, but don’t do a lot of damage. Once destabilized, the enemy will take a lot more damage from your Famous 5.

With enough practice, you could also graduate to the precise, single shot rifles, like the Hunting Rifle, which will do insane amounts of headshot damage.”

In Rescue mode players can also stack on top of each other, up to four characters high. This has a range of uses such as extracting hostages, helping downed teammates get out of danger until they recover, or just creating a towering inferno of bullets and mowing through enemies.

The action-packed launch trailer, “A Chicken’s Guide to Killing Penguins,” stars Metal Chicken (voiced by James McCreadie) and offers more details regarding Rescue Mode.

Also detailed was the title’s competitive multiplayer mode, known as the Dojo. In this mode, up to four players can put their skills to the test against the wits of their friends in a frantic, explosive battle royale. A small wager is required to enter a Dojo battle, and after the dust settles the player to come out on top wins it all! The developer gave some advice for success.

“Take the high ground, so you’ll be shooting downwards at opponent heads and – eh… don’t get surrounded, or caught in crossfire!”

Rocketbirds 2: Evolution will feature Cross-Buy and Cross-Play when it lands on PlayStation Network on 26th of April for PS Vita and PS4 in both the North American and European regions.

Will you be blasting off with Rocketbirds 2: Evolution or are you chicken? Stack your comments below!