Strawberry Nauts, PriministAr, and Puramai Wars V have been announced as coming to Vita in the latest issue of Famitsu.

Three more visual novel/adventure games have been announced as getting the PlayStation Vita port treatment in Japan – thanks to Entergram. The games are Strawberry Nauts, PriministAr, and Puramai Wars V – their details are as follows…

The Hooksoft developed Strawberry Nauts is set to hit the PlayStation Vita with improvements to the scenario, event CG, and the addition of new characters. It’ll launch July 28th in Japan, priced at 5480 yen for the digital download or 6458 yen for the standard physical edition. A limited edition will also be available, priced at 8618 yen.

Here’s the game’s description via the Visual Novel Database;

Haruto starts his first year of highschool by moving to the Goukoukan school away from home. Of course he is to move to the dormitory so he is surprised when told that he will be staying in the girl’s dorm! To be precise he will be staying in an appendage of the dorm because the boy’s dorm is full. That day he meets with the other residents (who are of course, all girls), Asagiri and Aisa are his senpais, his childhood friend Itsuki, Houmi the school chairman’s daughter, the timid and petite Yao, the bright Touko and the childish teacher Chiyori.

One year later all the members of the dorm are like a close knit family, while everyone spend their time and energy doing what they love (be it club activities or student council duties) Haruto uses his now famous cooking skills to make sure food is ready when they wake up in the morning and come back after school. With the addition of two first year girls the clumsy Mikamo and the serious Suzume the new school year starts, who will Haruto end up with?

Does that sound like something you might enjoy? Well that’s not all that was announced, so let’s move on…

The Hooksoft developed PriministAr is coming to PlayStation Vita with improvements to the scenario, new event CG, and new heroines when it launches September 29th in Japan. It’ll be available for digital download for the low price of 5480 yen, with the standard physical edition priced at 6458 yen, and the limited edition version priced at 8618 yen.

Here’s the game’s description, via the VNDB;

It was a beautiful spring afternoon, and the melodies from the music room and the shouts from the athletic clubs filled the air. Each club has recruited their new members, and everybody was excited for the upcoming school year. In particular, the boys in the culture department were devising a (stupid) plot to make it mandatory for all girl members to wear school swimwear. Of course, all the girls were vehemently against the idea and chased all the guys out. The remaining boy was Haruchika, who was planning to join the tiny handicraft club. Thus begins his lively days in the handicraft club surrounded by girls.

Ladies everywhere, who could say no – right? Well, that’s not all, as there is one more title coming to PlayStation Vita in Japan….

The ASa Project developed Puramai Wars V is coming to PlayStation Vita with the ability to win over the game’s sub-characters, as well as some new heroines. It’ll be available August 25th in Japan, priced at 5480 yen for the digital version, 6458 yen for the standard physical copy, and 8618 yen for the limited physical edition.

Here’s the game’s description – again, via the VNDB;

“Modesty, fairness and grace”: That’s the motto by which Chihaya and his sisters Kyouko and Mei were brought up with by their strict father. Their family was well-respected in the neighbourhood; You could say they’re the ideal family. Due to an unexpected event, they ended up sharing a house with the family of one of their parents’ co-workers. Chihaya heard that there were three beautiful sisters and was looking forward to living together with them, but it turns out that their nature is totally opposite of their family!

That’s three visual novels, all headed to Vita with enhanced features sometime between July and September in Japan. Which one(s) are you hoping to pick up? Which one(s) do you hope gets localized? Sound off in the comments below!