Square Enix has unveiled the list of voice actors for Dragon Quest Heroes II as well as some new gameplay information and trailers.

Here’s the list of VA’s that were announced during a live stream event:

Original Characters
Razel – Mirai Moriyama
Tereshia – Emi Takei
Cesare – Takayuki Yamada
Orneze – Nana Mizuki

New Dragon Quest Characters
Meena – Yoko Hisa
Torneko – Chafurin
Carver – Hiroki Yasumoto
Gabo – Mutsumi Tamura
Maribel – Aoi Yuki
Angelo – Yoshimasa Hosoya

Returning Dragon Quest Characters
Alena – Shoko Nakagawa
Kiryl – Hikaru Midorikawa
Maya – Miyuki Sawashiro
Terry – Hiroshi Kamiya
Jessica – Ayana Taketatsu


If you’ve already played the first game then you’ll know about the monster coin system. Monster coins could randomly drop from defeated enemies and after picking them up you could place monsters on the battlefield to aid you. This system has been evolved in Dragon Quest Heroes II and will allow you to transform and fight as certain monsters if you pick up transformation-type coins.

There will also be a multiplayer battle mode that will be available by a free update, as well as new sub-scenarios & boss characters, also available via free downloadable content.

Check out the latest trailer below:

There is also an interview with Nana Mizuki (the voice actress for Orneze) and a recording of the live stream event itself, which has some gameplay footage:

Dragon Quest Heroes II: The Twin Kings and the Prophecy’s End is due out in Japan on May 27.

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