We have some brand new screenshots, artwork and gameplay info to share with you today on FuRyu’s upcoming game Caligula.

Meet Kotarou Tomoe, as you can see in the artwork below, his Catharsis Effect takes on the form of huge gauntlets on both arms. Kotaru is a good short-range fighter and he makes a good tank due to his sturdiness.


Kotono Kashiwaba is a long range fighter as her Catharsis Effect takes on the form of a bow and arrow. She’s a versatile character who can not only attack from afar but can also act as a support character.


In a previous news story we gave details on how you could connect attacks and form combos with other allies and view this in a ‘fantasy’ before carrying out an attack. But what happens if an attack can’t connect?

Check out the series of screenshots below to find out more:

Here Kotarou is trying to perform a launch attack, if you check out the fantasy however you see that the enemy guards and so the attack will miss.


If the next attack selected is a technique that hits flying enemies the next attack won’t connect, and so a follow on attack technique to hit a downed enemy will also miss.


If however you change techniques so that the first attack is one which breaks an enemies guard you can check to see how the future is rewritten and the following attacks can all connect to form a combo.

You might be wondering who these enemies are that you’re fighting and where they’ve come from? The students in Mobius have a parameter known as the erosion rate. This erosion rate is a measure of how dependent on Mobius the student is and how far they’ve lost themselves.

In the dungeons ruled by the Ostinato Musicians, μ’s music is played and this can increase the students’ erosion rate. Students with high erosion rates will turn into enemies, and if they spot you a battle will commence.

Mirei (voiced by Eriko Nakamura) is one of the Ostinato Musicians. Her HQ is at the Marine Resort in Mobius, and she surrounds herself with an entourage of men who treat her like a queen. She’s incredibly popular due to her musical talent and her physical beauty.


Ike-P (voiced by Soma Saito) is a second-year student and also a member of band. He’s a narcissist and is very confident in his own appearance. He loves hearing praise from his fans and performs concerts as a way to confirm his own popularity.


Caligula’s box art has also been revealed and it’s looking pretty awesome:


So what do you think? Caligula is due out June 23 in Japan. Anyone else hoping for a Western release?

  • Lester Paredes

    On my birthday. Why is it, every year, a game come out on my birthday, that I’m looking forward to? Though, yhis is the first time the game’s been only in Japan. Man, I hope thus game is good and comes west.

  • J-WaitForIt-D

    Bring it on to the west FuRyu! I want to throw my money at you!