Acttil has gotten in touch to reveal a release window, new details, and some English screenshots for their upcoming localization of Ray Gigant.

Ray Gigant is a three-character dungeon crawler that combines story with turn-based RPG action. It has you taking on various forms of Gigant, with the unique abilities of your characters being the only hope for survival. It was announced as coming West back in November, but the information front has been quiet ever since.

That silence has now been broken, and some new things have been revealed.

We’re happy to announce that Ray Gigant will be available in North America and Europe this May! In addition, new details and screenshots have been revealed below! What a gigantic relief! 😉

The images released mainly showcase characters Ichiya, Kyle, and Nil – the character art of which is shown below, followed by screenshots and individual descriptions (sorted by character);

Ichiya Amakaze

The hero of chapter one, Ichiya is a light-hearted young man who was born of a normal family. He awakens to a mysterious power during the siege on Tokyo, and uses the Yorigami “Habakiri.”

Kyle Griffin

Kyle is the hero of chapter two, and a very intelligent young man. Born a noble, but raised without a mother’s love, his upbringing has twisted his view of the world. His Yorigami is called “Answerer.”

Nil Phineas

Nil is the heroine of chapter three, and was once an innocent girl who was trained to fight the Gigants. She uses the Yorigami Kukulkan, and works hard to protect the Caribbean islands from the enemy.

Additional characters mentioned are Mana and Kazuomi, who are introduced as “allies you trust” and pictured below. Mana Izamo is Ichiya’s good friend, and is a caring soul who can’t seem to separate love and friendship. Kazuomi Miwa is Ichiya’s reliable partner – a serious, blunt sort of person.

Ray Gigant is headed to North America and Europe this May.

How big is your excitement?

  • Still a bit on the fence about this one, but these screenshots definitely look nice! Hopefully we’ll get an english trailer soon!

  • Ichigo Yoite

    It indeed looks good and different with the characters shown not only with a face pic but in full battle stance …still there are no real attack animations right? Not sure if I need this day one tbh.

  • Ryan Sheriff

    This game looks awesome and the screenshots look great. Plus the game is released in May which is when my birthday is, can’t wait to buy this game.

  • Lester Paredes

    Must avoid making penis joke in reference to final line in article…

    It’s swollen and ready to burst!


  • Alex Jones

    How Big?