Falcom has released some new artwork for characters in Ys VIII : Lacrimosa of Dana as well as some new information about the passenger liner where the game begins. 

First up, meet Dogi (voiced by Kenta Miyake). He’s 26 years old and was Adol’s partner. They last adventured together four years ago. Dogi was aboard the Lombardia passenger vessel with Adol but goes missing when it sinks.


Captain Barbaros (voiced by Hirohiko Kakegawa) is 46 years old and the captain of the passenger liner. Although he looks intimidating at first glance he has a polite demeanor and is always sincere when it comes to his passengers. He is well respected by both the passengers and sailors. He relies on this respect to help lead when on the Isle of Seiren. He works hard to bring together and unite a wide range of personalities of the island’s castaways.


Little Paro (voiced by Naoki Tatsuta) is a highly intelligent male parrot, discovered on the island by Captain Barbaros on the island. He is able to speak the human language and so takes on the role of a messenger.


The Lombardia passenger liner is where your adventure will begin. It is the largest grade passenger ship made and has four giant masts, a large hall suitable for parties and first class guest rooms for the rich. It is enroute from Xandria towards the continent of Eresia.

Travelling aboard the ship is pricey so both Adol and Dogi are working as sailors and doing manual labour to earn the traveling expenses necessary. During the voyage you’ll meet many guests some of whom you’ll meet and rescue as castaways later in the game.


Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana is due out in Japan on July 21. There will be a Limited Premium Edition available which includes the following DLC:

  • Silver Armour – first-generation Ys Silver Armor costume
  • an ancient book – Adol’s Manuscript
  • and an Ys limited metal plate.

First-print copies of the game will also include an original mini soundtrack.

  • Lester Paredes

    Adol and his partner, Dogi… now I’m going to ship them. Yes. This just feels right.