More information about Toukiden 2 has been unveiled on the games official website. The information drop includes new details about characters and the world along with new screen shots.


Two new characters were unveiled and given short bios setting up their characters for the game.


Toukiden 2 Kamuna

A quiet, blunt, lonely swordsman who belongs to the Slayer’s samurai troops. As an influential person who hasn’t been defeated in his lifetime, he has earned complete trust from those around him. He also has a weakness for Tenko.


Toukiden 2 Tsubaki

An overly serious hard working woman who completed the Ryouzen warriors training course. She lost her mother during the “Awakening” tragedy. She has a strong desire for improvement, aiming to become the top Slayer, and works hard training every day.


The main location for the game is Midlands West which is divided up into several different regions.

Mahoroba Village


Under the huge rock “Iwakura” is a village that opens in the mountains. It is the setting of this game. After the Awakening, it becomes the western battlefront of the Midlands. Currently, it is without a mind to lead the Slayers, but there is a Sacred Shrine Maiden in its highest seat.

Yore Region


A region with ancient charcateristics. Blazing lava flows in the caves among its mountains. At its deepest level, it is said that there is an ominous ancient shrine.

Grace Region


A region with characteristics of the Nara and Heian eras. Its utterly ruined town is submerged in a poisonous swamp. Traces of the Grace era have rotted and disappeared in the gloomy rain.

Honor Region


A region with characteristics of the Kamakura and Muromachi eras. The ocean has frozen over, with the sea’s raging waves pressing overhead. Proof that fearsome warriors once lived here is trapped in the cold ice and snow.

War Region


A region with the characteristics of the Sengoku era. A huge castle floats in its golden sky. A sturdy castle without any sign of life, its majestic appearance is merely in vain.

Peace Region


A region with characteristics of the Edo era. Embraced by abnormally grown trees, its flower street is sleeping. The still silence is tinged more with destruction than with peace.

Chaos Region


A region with the characteristics of the Edo era. In its vast deserts are huge sunken warships, showing signs of sand naval battles. The dream of restoration embraced by everyone blows away with the sand in the wind.

Toukiden 2 will be launching for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita on June 30th in Japan. No word on a western release date yet. Stay tuned to The Vita Lounge for more information as it comes.

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