Bandai Namco has released some new screenshots for upcoming survival game City Shrouded in Shadow. In case you haven’t been paying attention to our previous news stories on this game allow me to briefly recap what it’s all about!

You take on the role of an average person with no particular special abilities. Your only goal is to survive in Ichi City, the location for the game, as everything falls apart around you.

A number of giant shadows have begun to attack the city and one of these shadows is none other than the King of Monsters himself.


The game’s protagonists try to flee the city by ship but unfortunately the King of Monsters appears before them causing great waves. The containers on the ship are flung about causing the protagonists to have to make a hasty escape.

Different levels will have different modes of transport available to you; in some levels you’ll be able to make your escape on motorbikes.


There is a huge difference in scale between yourself and the monsters that have started to appear. Although you don’t have any special powers you do have one thing to your advantage; your small size and maneuverability. You’ll need to take advantage of these in order to survive.

In a previous story we introduced you to Ken Misaki, the game’s protagonist,  who was travelling to meet someone in the park before all the monsters started to appear. Bandai Namco has now revealed who he was going to meet – Yuki Kano. Together with Ken she tries to survive and escape the shadowy threat. She’s normally a carefree and friendly person but she is very fearful of what is happening and puts great faith in Ken. Despite her fear she can not leave people in trouble and always tries to help.


You get to decide on her starting outfit and hairstyle (this can also be changed later in the game). It’s also up to you if your protagonist becomes her friend or something more romantic.

Regardless of what relationship you choose to have with her it’s up to you to protect her.


And finally, a new shadow monster has appeared. Can anyone guess who/what this one might be? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


  • Yoyitsu

    EVA Unit-1!!! I can’t wait to see this one of these up close from the perspective of a little man.

  • Steve Jaworski

    Awesome! Seeing an Evangelion has piqued my interest!!!

  • Oliver

    A new survival horror game but more on the survival end of the spectrum? Could be fun.