Seeing as how XSEED has only released a trailer for Ayame (which was likely PS4-sourced), I’ve taken it into my own hands to show off the DLC characters… Vita style.

While there were plenty of gameplay videos and character trailers to go along with Senran Kagura: Estival Versus‘ Japanese DLC release, it seems like the English speaking regions are being a little slow on that front. No fear however, as I’ve taken the liberty of grabbing some PlayStation TV sourced gameplay for you. 😉

Check out all four Western released DLC characters below, each $3.99/€3.49 on the PlayStation Store.


Ayane (from Dead or Alive)



Will you be picking any of these characters up? Have you already picked any of these up? Are you hoping that Kenichiro Takaki somehow works out those Ikki Tousen characters coming over?

Sound off in the comments below!

  • Will E Alsobrook

    If he does, im buying them immediately, full roster woo!

    • Kira Tamakuto

      IDK if this is a glitch or not but an hour ago I just got the Naruka and Kagura DLC. I installed the latest update along with the Naruka and Kagura DLC and turned my game on. When I went into the game I found that I had unlocked Naruka, Kagura, Rin and Dondoji. So my question is, Does Dondoji and Rin come free with the new update or the Naruka and Kagura pack?, because I have never brought the Rin or Dondoji characters but for some reason they are unlocked. Also I am not sure about this but I would assume that the 3 Festival Girls (I think one of them name is Renka?) are part of the new update but I am not sure.

      • I know for a fact that the only DLC characters in the West at this point are the four shown in this post, and the Festival girls are part of the main game. As for Rin and Daidoji, they’re part of the day one update IIRC.

        • Kira Tamakuto

          So there was no reason to buy the Rin or Daidoji characters from the playstore? U could just get them for free? If so will this apply to the other DLC characters as well?

          • Will E Alsobrook

            Naraku and kagura were just dlc ya, the other three characters that haven’t made it out here yet will probably be paid dlc as well, the other few characters will be unlocked later

          • Will E Alsobrook

            Daidoji and rin were dlc characters for shinovi, not estival. Ayame and Ayane are dlc

          • Kira Tamakuto

            So in the end, should I or should I not buy Ayame or Ayane now or should I wait for them to just come free with the update?. (This question applies to all future DLC characters as well.)

          • You should buy all the DLC characters, because it’s not likely that they’ll ever go on sale and they’ll never be free.

  • Roger Dillon

    PS-TV footage for the win