The official website for Compile Heart’s Upcoming DRPG Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter has been updated with new information which reveals three new characters for the game.

First up we have Oyayubihime, known in English as Thumbelina, who is the oldest of three sisters who comprise the Chishiki Girls Squad, given that she is mature, she is often seen scolding Jack as she is quite strict. She is also described as being a bashful character.

Next up is Shirayukihime (Snow White in English), she is the middle child in the Chishiki Girls Squad, she has a fondness for main character Jack, but her clumsiness often gets her in trouble, and she suffers from self confidence issues.

And lastly we have the youngest of the sisters, Nemurihime (Known in english as Sleeping Beauty), she is considered to have a more mysterious nature but also likes to show affection to Jack when he needs help. She very rarely talks, and usually communicates by nodding her head.

As revealed last week, Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter will release in Japan on October 13th, make sure you let us know what you think of the new character reveals in the comments below.

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