We get introduced to some new characters, and are filled in on some new gameplay details for the upcoming Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana.

Thanks to Falcom, Famitsu, Dengeki PlayStation, and Gematsu, we now have a bunch of new pieces to the puzzle that is Ys VIII – things like characters, gameplay details, and other tidbits being filled in by each of these sources. Unfortunately however, the information is kind of all over the place – but we’ve done our best to break it down for you here.

First up let’s take a look at the newly introduced characters;


Olga (cv: Yui Kano, character art pictured above) is Dana’s childhood friend, and a hard working type of person. Tough on herself as well as others, she often mothers Dana – but it’s mostly because she’s worried about her. That said, she respects Dana for her imagination, resolution, and unique talents – even though they clearly have different ways of thinking.

Character quote: “Good grief… how can you come up with something so mischievous?”


Sarai (cv: Yui Kaneki, character art pictured above) is childhood friends with both Dana and Olga. Cheerful, gentle, and friendly, Sarai watches over both Dana and Olga – and though she’s a conservative type who doesn’t take action for her own benefit, she’s known to unleash a sharp tongue on her friends when needed (especially on Olga).

Character quote: “Hehe, if you look at the regular Dana, she doesn’t seem to be the exceedingly famous problem child, does she?”

Check out some screenshots of Dana, Olga, and Sarai below;

Also introduced, though not pictured;

Cathleen (cv: Sayaka Hirao) is a 29 year old female blacksmith who gets involved in the Lombardia Passenger Liner disaster. Her grandfather is a well known craftsman in the Romun Empire.

Aaron (cv: Eiji Takemoto) is a 36 year old officer in the Romun Empire military police. He chases violent criminals for a living, and because of that is caught up in the shipwreck disaster – a part of the story confirmed to show this. Additionally, Aaron is also skilled in tool-making and construction.

Those last two characters – Cathleen and Aaron – will allow you access to the Blacksmithery and Industrial Srts Shop respectively. The Blacksmithery will let you strengthen or create weapons and armor, while the Industrial Arts Shop will let you dismantle accessories, arm armor, and equipment.

Moving on from direct character information and relevance, we’ve also learned that it hasn’t yet been decided if you can control characters on Dana’s “side” – though there will be scenes where they act together with her. Dana and her company hold important positions in kingdoms where they live, and in public act the part. That said, in private they behave much differently.

Speaking of Dana’s “side,” it has been revealed that Dana actually lives in a completely different world than Adols – where there is a civilization of winged people.

In other news, it has been revealed that the castaways will only gather in the drifting village, but party members can set up camps in various locations on the island to recover. The camp sites you can set up with castaways may lead to events with party members – as it has been revealed that they can also occur in such an area. Additionally, it has been revealed that each of the castaways themselves have their own unique profiles and events, bringing their personality to life.

In regards to locations around the island, we’ve also been introduced to location points – specific points such as landscapes that are registered to the map. There are between one and two location points per area, and they can even be found in dungeons.

Lastly, we’ve been further informed on the way that weapons and protective equipment are set up – with confirmation that weapon variations depend on the character. Each weapon will have seven to eight stages, and will be able to be strengthened in three stages across many variations. Protective equipment is split across armor, arm armor, and accessories – and will feature nearly 100 variations.

Check out some newly revealed screenshots before you go;

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana is due out July 21st in Japan.

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