Yacht Club Games has announced that they’re releasing a bunch of new Shovel Knight themes – and that the PlayStation Vita one is headed our way very soon.

Available worldwide on April 21st, the brand new Shovel Knight PlayStation Vita theme will have nine different background images and replacement icons for what seems to be everything standard – aside from the PlayStation Store and Welcome Park applications of course.

Check out the full set of theme images below;

Grab the theme for yourself on April 21st – the price is yet to be announced, but we assume it’s $2.99 or less as usual. 😉

  • Giant_Z

    Yeah,this theme looks great!

  • Why aren’t there more awesome themes like this? Instabuy.

  • Buckybuckster

    Very nice! Even nicer if comes with new music. Wish there was a ToCS theme!

  • Lester Paredes

    It’s cool! But not cool enough to replace my collection of She Hulk pics, so I’ll buy it, but probably never use it. Well, I could put it on my PSTV…