A year after it released on the PlayStation 4, Axiom Verge launches on the PlayStation Vita this week with a 10% discount to thank us patient Vita owners! Remember the game is Cross-Buy, so if you own the PlayStation 4 version already you will receive the Vita version for free!

Take a look below for the full listing and let us know if anything catches your eye in the comments below!

PlayStation Vita New Releases;
Axiom Verge – £14.99/€17.99/AU$26.95


Aegis of Earth: Protonovus Assault (22/04) – Price TBC


SOURCEPlayStation Blog EU
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  • Ogerscherge

    “Aegis of Earth” apparently costs 54,99 €.
    That’s a lot! Will you post a review of the game in the near future?
    I’d like to see how they justify such a high price.