Abstraction Games and Double Fine Presents have announced that they are teaming with game designer Jeppe Carlsen to bring his colorful rhythm-platformer 140 to Vita and PlayStation 4 consoles.

Originally released for PC and Mac in 2013, this award winning game was made by Carlsen during his spare time while working for independent game developer, Playdead. There he is known for directing the melancholy platformer, LIMBO. The launch trailer for 140 gives a sense of the title’s minimalist design, atmospheric music, and synesthetic gameplay.

The game puts players in control of a geometric shape that must move forward through levels, trying not to be hit or fall off the stage. Elements of the level will change or move to the game’s background music. Platforms may shift to crush your playable polygon, or disappear entirely so it falls into a pit.

The designer calls 140 an “old-school platformer set in a world of abstract colorful graphics” with “a musical twist.” The electronic music featured in the game is from fellow Playdead audio designer, Jakob Schmid.

140 will attempt to get you into a trance when it is released for Vita and PlayStation 4 later this summer.

  • Buckybuckster

    Looks like a cross between Sound Shapes and Thomas Was Alone.