New story details have also been revealed.

Last week we brought you the news of three new character reveals for the upcoming RPG Divine Prison Tower: Mark Skelter.

Compile Heart have now revealed a further two characters, as well as new details regarding the games story. Before the latest reveal, we knew that the story is based in a prison, as many decades ago a city suddenly collapsed and a prison controlled by creatures known as “Marchen” was born. Known simply as “Jail”, it is a living prison that is an impenetrable human asylum.

The story follows Jack and his childhood friend Alice, who are prisoners in “Jail”. They are tortured each day by the prison guards known as Marchen. Although their suffering seemed endless, they were able to keep sane by supporting each other.

But each day the pain and torture got worse, and just when it seemed that both their spirits would break, a girl holding a giant pair of scissors dripping with pink blood appeared.

The first of the two new characters is:


A girl who will only fight if her demands are satisfied, or she will just stay in her room.

As you can tell by her picture, she rides an odd vehicle known as the ‘Bamboo No 1’. She is extremely lazy, so remains on this when she moves and fights.

Initially, she saw the main character Jack as a glorified errand boy, a person to bring her what she wants. But the more they experience together, the nicer she becomes to him.

It is also said that the hem of her skirt may be able to release “Truant Seven Tools”.


She is the youngest, and perhaps the least educated, as she initially thinks that Jack is emergency rations and begins to gnaw on him… But after a substantial amount of time Jack spends feeding and playing with her, they become close.

Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter certainly has an intriguing premise, and you can be sure that TVL will bring you all the latest news for the title as we head nearer to the games October 13th Japanese release date.

  • This title sounds and looks promising, hopefully it turns out great!

  • Chizu

    I really like the art for this game, hope we see it localized.