Matt Gilgenbach – President of Infinitap Games – took to the PlayStation Blog recently to detail the release of Neverending Nightmares.

A psychological, atmosphere-focused horror title, Neverending Nightmares was initially announced for PlayStation Vita release back at the end of February – the release window given as “Q2 2016” via a post on the PlayStation Blog. Now however, Matt Gilgenbach from Infinitap Games has jumped back on the keyboard, and has let us in on a much more specific release date.

Neverending Nightmares is now due to release May 3rd in North America and May 4th in Europe, set to be available via the PlayStation Network as a digital download. The price for North America has been revealed as $14.99, while the European price has yet to be revealed. Both regions will be host to a 20% PlayStation Plus discount on launch however, so expect to pay less with that subscription under your belt.

As for what Neverending Nightmares is, that’s a bit harder to explain. Matt notes that the game is based around the idea of mental illness and the feelings of isolation and fear that are generated from it. He also notes that it’s a game based on his own disturbing thoughts, and that he did his best to translate them into something you can experience for yourself in the game.

Matt also emphasizes the fact that the game isn’t one that has what can be considered a good or bad ending, stating “Neverending Nightmares doesn’t have an emphasis on winning or losing. This is not a game you can win, just like you can’t “beat” mental illness. It’s an ongoing struggle, and I wanted the game to represent that.”

Something unique and personal to those involved in making it, it’ll be interesting to see how Neverending Nightmares sits with players who’ve had a chance to take it all in. The wait for that won’t be long thankfully, as May 3rd/4th is less than two weeks away. 😉