Ackk Studios took to YouTube recently to reveal their third official trailer for upcoming post-modern RPG YIIK.

“99.99%” complete and looking better than ever, Ackk Studios’ YIIK is a uniquely familiar roleplaying game that combines old and new in a 1999 setting. Basically, if you want to have an experience when playing video games then this one looks to fill that void. 😉

Check it out;

YIIK is set to launch sometime soon on PlayStation Vita.

Don’t bug out while you wait, dude!

  • scwiffy

    Can’t make my mind up about this, variety looks cool but combat looks lame

  • AndreasStalin

    So it’s a nostalgia RPG with lots of 90’s references and qte/rhythm action turn based combat? Hm might be worth a shot.

  • released in summer 1999 🙂 i’ll give it a try, i’m a 90s dude