Digital pre-order bonuses have also been revealed.

It’s that time again. It’s time to bring you details of a new trailer for One Piece: Burning Blood.

This time we have two new trailers, which showcases Golden Luffy in action. He can be acquired by signing up on the official website for the game, which you can do here.

Bandai Namco also revealed that there will be two digital versions of the game available. A basic Standard Edition and a much more exciting Deluxe Edition, which will include a copy of the game, the “Wanted” downloadable content pack and an exclusive “Platinum Luffy” costume.


For those not in the know, the “Wanted” download pack includes:

  • Six alternate versions of playable characters, featuring new special moves and outfits: Ace and Shanks in their classy black suits, Sabo dressed up as Lucy, Zoro wearing his well-know bandana and torn clothes, and Doflamingo and Trafalgar Law from their duel at Dressrosa.
  • Eight new costumes: Nami, Robin, Hancock, Perona and Koala are joining the fight in their sexy swimsuits. We also have the young version of Whitebeard, a new costume for Law and Bon Clay cloned as Nami!
  • Four customisable HUDs in the colours of Doflamingo, Sabo, Ace and Trafalgar Law.
  • One-Piece-Burning-Blood_2016_04-21-16_101

    So without further ado, here are the two new trailers:

    There were also a load of new screenshots revealed for the game, which you can view in the HUGE gallery below!

    One Piece: Burning Blood released on April 21st in Japan and will head to the west, firstly in North America on May 31st and then in Europe on June 3rd.