Infinite Dreams got in touch with us today to tell us that the studio will be bringing Sky Force Anniversary to the PlayStation Vita later this year!

This air based shoot-em up is a recreation of Sky Force, a game that IGN rated highly when it released 12 years ago! Sky Force Anniversary retains the old school, arcade shooter of the original and builds on this by adding new game modes, tons of replayability and highly polished graphics. There is an extensive single player campaign where the objective is to save the world from General Mantis – the deceitful leader of evil forces. In order to overcome him, you will have to blast your way through tons on enemies, collect funds, enhance your ship with devastating upgrades and rescue civilians.


You will be able to choose between a variety of weapons, skills and power-ups in Sky Force Anniversary, ranging from an impenetrable magnetic shield leading all the way up to the mighty mega-bomb that will obliterate any visible enemies with a huge blast.

When it comes to enemies, Sky Force Anniversary throws a lot at you, with opponents and bosses waiting at every turn; ranging from tanks, fighters, choppers, ships, turrets and bombers – so be prepared for a varied battle!

If that isn’t enough, you can expect the following features in Sky Force Anniversary;

  • Take part in a beautifully crafted Single Player campaign
  • Rescue fallen friends and collect funds to enhance your ship by buying shields, guns, missiles, lasers, mega-bombs and many more!
  • Fight hordes of enemies, confront gargantuan bosses and defeat General Mantis – the nasty leader of evil forces
  • Invite your friends and experience an adrenaline-packed 2 player local co-op mode
  • Compete in weekly tournaments that take place on unique, new levels, updated every 7 days

    Although there is no concrete release date for Sky Force Anniversary as of yet, the game will launch in the Summer at a price of $9.99 and includes PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 Cross-Buy functionality.

    Check out the announcement trailer below and let us know in the comments whether you’ll be picking this up when it lands on the PlayStation Vita.

    • Chizu

      I’ve own this on PC and rather enjoyed playing it. Do we know if theres anything new to this version, or is it just basically the same thing but on vita/consoles

    • Lester Paredes

      Holy crap, have I been itching to play a game like The Raiden Project from my fond PSOne memories. While I’d have lived that game, this looks like it’ll scratch that itch nicely.

      • Buckybuckster

        I’m kinda surprised (but happy) that it’s coming out at all for Vita. It was only a few weeks ago I was reading that there were questions if it would happen at all due to some performance issues. Looks like any major concerns were fixed.

    • addictedtoretro

      Looks fantastic, can’t wait.

    • ultraviolet

      the game is awesome, I have it on Android and can’t wait to play it again on Vita / PS4