The same as last week, but this time in English!

Over the past week we have brought you a whole treasure trove of Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization news. This included confirmation of the games Western release at some point this Autumn as well as an extended gameplay trailer.

This trailer, which was in Japanese, gave us a good look at the gameplay for the RPG as well as showcasing the characters Philia and Strea. Most likely to celebrate the announcement of a western release window, Bandai Namco have now released the same trailer, but this time in English. A real life saver for those of us who skipped Japanese classes at school. Check it out below:

The game is set in the vast world of Sword Art: Origin, where characters like Strea, Philia, and the mysterious NPC Premiere stand alongside Kirito and Asuna. Your journey will begin in the aptly named, ‘Town of Beginnings’. There will be loads of different landscapes to explore, such as the ‘Valley Map’. but be careful, as Bandai Namco have also promised that monsters roam these maps, such as “Jelly Floaters, Shadow Demons, Verminous, and the Shaman of Gigas, a strong boss using a strange magic.”

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization will release on October 27th in Japan, at around the same time as the Western release.