Thanks to an earnings report we get some solid Japan and Asia sales numbers for a few of Koei Tecmo’s latest Vita titles.

According to numbers gathered up to the end of the fiscal 2016 year (March), it looks like the latest entry in the Atelier series – Atelier Sophie: Alchemist of the Mysterious Book – has sold 170,000 copies across its PlayStation platforms (PS3/PS4/Vita) in Japan and Asia. Not a bad number considering it released there at the end of January!

We also received numbers for the behemoth action RPG Attack on Titan, which released in February and sold a whopping 280,000 units across its three PlayStation platforms – also in Japan and Asia. People really like their action-based anime/manga games!

Next on the numbers block is Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 – which only released on the Vita and PlayStation 4 at the very end of March, but still managed to sell 190,000 copies in Japan and Asia! People really love those beautiful ladies, don’t they?

Lastly, Kiniro no Corda 4 – a romantic visual novel set around a newly concert-loving protagonist and her journeys with her friends – has done pretty well itself for releasing at the beginning of March. It hit 30,000 sales before the end of the month, and that’s just on Vita in Japan.

With Atelier Sophie and Attack on Titan coming our way soon, I can’t help but to wonder how much those numbers will go up – but as for the other two, those might be the bulk of it (especially with Dead or Alive‘s stigma).

Either way; Koei Tecmo, thanks for the games – we’ll keep buying them if you keep making them! 😉

  • Giant_Z

    Thanks Koei Tecmo for supporting our lovely handheld PS Vita