The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu has revealed a brand new game from PhotoKano producer Ichiro Sugiyama, Dingo, and Kadokawa Games – and it’s split into two versions.

Due out this Summer in Japan, Reco Love: Blue Ocean and Reco Love: Gold Beach are two halves of the same coin – each featuring different story developments and events. That’s right; it has the same characters and setting, but the way it plays out is very different.

The protagonist of both titles is a second year high school student who attends Mitsumi Academy, a school that runs from elementary to high school grades all in one place. While attending their school camp for the summer, he will deepen his bonds with the game’s heroines and attempt to find love through film.

In Blue Ocean the protagonist has a know-it-all younger sister named Mana, while Gold Beach features a fine exemplar of an older sister named Yuina. In both games the sister is the protagonist’s advisor, but as they each focus on a different sister the experiences are vastly different.

Also different between the games is the choice of club the protagonist makes, with Blue Ocean featuring a “Cute Movie Club” under student council president Nagisa Misaki, and Gold Beach featuring a “E-Movie Club” with club president and erotic knight Seiya Doumoto.

Lastly, the girl you vy for will be different between the games as well. Blue Ocean will have you aimed at drama club member Miu Sagara, while Gold Beach will have you attracting the attnetion of Finnish exchange student Marianna Prinsilla.

The gameplay features the same kind of photo elements as PhotoKano, but adds a video capture system – allowing you to save your recording as an MPEG-4 file. A single video can capture up to 30 seconds of gameplay, and thanks to the Vita’s motion sensors you simply can treat the handheld like the video camera.

Sounds interesting, no?

Well we’ve got some details on the locations and characters you’ll be interacting with, so hold tight and we’ll get you well informed.

Mitsumi Academy isn’t a normal school, and as such you’ll be able to access a special beach on the premises (how fortunate)! This beach is where swimming lessons are carried out, and in addition to being quite beautiful is also quite film friendly. 😉

This isn’t the only notable location however, and with all that choice it’s important to note that you can change locations up to four times a day – during breaks and after school. When you pick a location however, you might get lucky and end up in a “bound-up conversation” where you can exchange dialogue with a girl. This gives you five chances to exchange words, and if you get a lively conversation going she might end up your next model….

Speaking of models, here’s a look at the potentials introduced so far;


  • Miu Sagara is a second year high school student, and a classmate of the protagonist. She’s both studious and active in equal parts, but also excels at acting – “becoming” the character she’s portraying instead of simply “faking it.”
  • Marianna Prinsilla is a third year high school attendee, and a Finnish exchange student. Fluent in Japanese, she has a prideful and strong personality; as such she often treats the protagonist like a younger brother (even though he sees her as something far from an older sister).
  • Riko Sorimachi is a second year high school student and a child prodigy – having gone to the best high school in Kansai until she hit junior high. Rico usually speaks standard Japanese, but lets her dialect slip back into her “home” form when she’s excited. She and the protagonist are friends, and their relationship is rather easy going.
  • Nagisa Misaki is a third year high school student, and president of the Cute Movie Club as well as the Student Council. Admired by the other girls, she loves cute girls herself – something all us guys can get behind (right?).
  • Rinze Himerasa is a fifth year elementary school student, and a complete gymnastics prodigy. She can pull off high difficulty techniques back-to-back, and comes off more like an adult than a child – her calm and composed demeanor an unusual pair of traits for a girl her age.

Lastly, check out some Blue Ocean box art and screenshots;


…some Gold Beach box art and screenshots;


…and some miscellaneous screens not attributed directly to either one;

With over 700 scenes between the two versions, 40,000 voice files (1.5x that of PhotoKano), and completely different plot progression, this pair of titles looks to be quite the adventure in love simulation.

Thankfully you won’t have to wait long to get dug into all that however, as the 80% complete Reco Love launches this Summer in Japan – each version priced at 6,800 yen.