Aksys have written a short blog detailing the use and functionality of the text skip option, and they’ve got a warning for first-time players of the upcoming Zero Time Dilemma.

While most visual novel style games and even the past games in the Zero Escape series have used text boxes and the text skip feature has gone on a per-line basis, Zero Time Dilemma‘s change to cinematic sequences and subtitles have thrown a wrench into that machine – meaning if you use it, you’ll be a few cog teeth short of the full picture.

Here’s the important bit from the blog post;

“Due to the nature of the story playing out in cutscenes instead of text boxes, the skip function is tied to camera movement instead of individual lines. So pressing the button to skip once will jump ahead to the next camera move, NOT NECESSARILY the next line. Skip Text will not make the subtitles appear faster as they are tied to the animation and voice.”

This only applies to the cinematic scenes and not other portions of the story, but still – it would be a shame to miss an important line that pertains to the story in the name of getting done faster… wouldn’t it?

Keep this in mind for when Zero Escape 3: Zero Time Dilemma releases in just under two months – hopefully the warning will mean you won’t get as lost as a first-time VLR player who hasn’t played 999. 😉