Square Enix have revealed some more information for the upcoming Dragon Quest Heroes II: The Twin Kings and the Prophecy’s End, we now have more details on the various locations we’ll be seeing in the game and the facilities you’ll have access to between battles.

The adventure will take the player through various battlefields across the world and below you can find screenshots and descriptions for some of the locale we can expect to find.

Rosa Woodland
DQH_Rosa WoodlandA thick forest covers the area around Kretia. The sun doesn’t shine in the backwoods, and poisonous mushrooms are spread throughout. Rarely, there are also things that become gigantic. Some of the monsters that roam these woods take camouflage in the trees and shrubs.

Rao Wasteland
DQH_Rao WastelandA harsh wasteland not suitable for human civilization, and is connected to the northern three countries of Monstrea. It’s grounds are covered in lava and poisonous swamps, and giant crystals also stick out. Tough monsters adapted to the harsh environment roam these lands.

Amal Canyon
DQH_Amal CanyonA steep mountain overlooking the clouds, as well as the border that separates Felnock and Kretia. Rocks rain down on the mountains narrow scaffolds, and it is said that there have been those who’ve lost their footing. Because of its high altitude, monsters that dwell in the sky often appear here.

Ihrim Snowfield
DQH_Ihrim SnowfieldA land covered in snow and ice at the foot of the sacred mountain Regen. The ancient ruins spread throughout still hold their form even today. Tough monsters able to withstand the cold wander about protecting something.

There’s a good lineup of locations so far and it seems set to keep up the varied scenery the original game had. Hopefully there are more unrevealed locations to keep the battles from looking too samey.

Between battles players will be able to access various facilities in the game’s hub are known as Zebion. There are various different facilities for the player to utilise each with their own way of helping out the player.

Orb Shop
DQH_Orb ShopThe player can purchase new armour here to increase characters defence.

Alchemy Pot
DQH_Alchemy PotThe Alchemy Pot can be used to enhance accessories with materials collected from battle.

Weapon Shop
DQH_Weapon ShopThe weapon shop will let you buy and sell new weapons, in addition to this the weapon shop will now let you appraise weapons. During battle you can collect unknown weapons, by bringing these in to appraise, the player can gain new more powerful weapons with special abilities. You can always dismantle an appraised weapon to gain pieces which can be forged into new weapons that suit your needs more.

Clearing House
DQH_Clearing HouseThe Clearing House allows the player to exchange their own materials for that of another material, this way they can use excess materials to gain a more desirable material.

Medal King
DQH_Medal KingThe Medal King will exchange any Small Medals you have gained for valuable goods.

Subjugation Report Office
DQH_Report OfficeHere you can collect Small Medals for the number of monsters you have defeated in battle.

Awards Office

DQH_Awards OfficeSimilar to the Subjugation Report Office, you will be rewarded with Small Medals but this time for completing specific accomplishments during the game.

Finally you can also change your appearance of your characters by talking to the Float-o-copier in Zebion. The appearance is purely cosmetic though so you do not need to worry about it affecting your stats in battle.

The facilities are largely the same as those found in the first game with just a couple of new features such as the appraisal system in the weapon shop.

Dragon Quest Heroes II: The Twin Kings and the Prophecy’s End arrives on May 27th in Japan for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. Stay tuned to the Vita Lounge for more information as we get closer to release.

  • chizwoz

    Has this been announced for Vita in the west?

  • Lester Paredes

    I had read that as ‘Localization’, and now I’m sad. Lol. I sure hope they bring this west, but Sqeenix veing Squeenix, I wouldn’t be surprised if they shafted us again. Though, they have been good about bringing us Warriors games on vita… I guess wait and see…

    • Buckybuckster

      Lester my friend, our minds must be wired the same way as I read the same thing! I realized my mistake after halfway screaming YES! Now I’m sad! : (

    • Pamela

      I’m expecting this to only come out for ps4 in the West, but I am really hoping for that not to happen.