Veteran Vita developers Mass Creation have announced the release date for their newest title, Corridor Z.

Mass Creation is best known for their work on 2013’s creative action platformer, Draw Slasher. Their new game takes place in a quarantined high school during a zombie epidemic. It will feature two fully voice-acted storylines that take place parallel to each other. By playing through both sides of the campaign, more of the game’s grim plot will be revealed.

Gameplay will consist of players trying to control the pursuing zombie horde as they run towards the camera. Guns, obstacles, and environmental aids will help them cull the zombie mob and take down powerful bosses as they try to avoid being bitten.

Perks and weapon upgrades can be earned as you play to make zombie killing that much easier. Story collectibles are scattered throughout the levels and will provide dedicated players a more in-depth look into the world of Corridor Z.

Zombies crash high school when Corridor Z releases on PlayStation Network as a cross-buy download for Vita and PlayStation 4 on May 3, 2013 in the North American and European regions.

SOURCEPlaystation Blog US
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