Upcoming strategy game Grand Kingdom, from developer Spike Chunsoft, gets a new trailer that shows off the strategy title’s online multiplayer mode.

Publisher NIS America has also updated their official Grand Kingdom website with new information regarding online play. It definitely sounds like armchair strategists have a lot to look forward to when the game releases later this summer.

When playing online in Grand Kingdom, players will be able to align themselves with one of four nations via a contract system. These contracts vary in duration from the length of one war to five, with each lasting a real-time day. Longer contracts yield better rewards for those that can complete them. Once under contract, players will wage war in real time with other nations for control of the map.

From the start, players will be able assess the overall war effort and may initially deploy their squad to a region of their choosing. Their objective will be to overtake and control forts around the region’s map through turn-based battle and deployment of defenses. All aligned players in the area work together towards these goals, and every victory or loss effects all players aligned with your nation. Additional AI controlled troops can be deployed by players to support the war effort in other regions, while they complete quests and battles.

War is a democracy in Grand Kingdom. All players may vote between wars on which regions their nation should invade next, or on group treaties that change the rules of the next engagement. During operations, players may also vote for “Royal Orders” which can dramatically change the flow of battle in various ways, such as summoning powerful guardian beasts, or instantly destroying an enemy armament.

Players are encouraged to donate resources they acquire to equipment research and development. Every online player’s contribution is pooled together to allow all members of your nation access to higher tiers of equipment. Shops and Trading Posts will have different wares depending on your nation’s overall research progress in their region.

Grand Kingdom’s online component seems incredibly unique and surprisingly meaty. Do you look forward to deploying troops and conquering nations like a pro mercenary? Grand Kingdom releases for Vita and Playstation 4 on June 17, 2016 in Europe and June 21, 2016 in North America.