Have you been keeping an eye on Moon Hunters? The game is a “myth-weaving adventure” for up to four players and tasks you with solving ancient mysteries and building mythologies in a randomly generated hand-painted adventure. We spoke to Canadian developers Kitfox Games to find out more.



1. Hello Xin! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today! Can you give us a little background into Kitfox Games?
Hello, sure! My name is Xin Ran Liu, art director and co-founder of Kitfox Games, an indie development studio based in Montreal. We’ve released two titles so far, Shattered Planet and Moon Hunters.

2. You are currently working on Moon Hunters. Can you tell us a little bit about it?
Moon Hunters is a 1 to 4 player co-op personality test adventure, set in an occult Ancient Mesopotamia. Every action and choice your hero makes will change their reputation and alter the way they will be remembered.
3. The game is procedurally generated each time, and encourages you to replay the adventure to uncover new parts of the story. How long will each play through take?
Typically, a single play through lasts about 45 minutes. The player is encouraged to play the game over and over again, unlocking new content and discovering new stories.
4. What was the inspiration behind Moon Hunters?
The setting is heavily inspired by Ancient Mesopotamia. We did a lot of research on various mythologies of Antiquity and reference many of those in the encounters. The gameplay, especially the alternating is influenced by Dungeons of Fayte, a small indie title that our creative director Tanya created with her partner Brent Ellison.
5. With the game encouraging multiple plays, is there any lasting effect from previous completion?
Yes! Each play through rewards the players with at least one constellation, in memory of their heroic deeds. Certain special conditions can also unlock special constellations that have lasting effects on all successive play throughs, such as 2 unlockable classes, the ability to understand animals and communicate with spirits, unlocking new areas and biomes, etc. The ingredients discovered in a finished play through will also carry over to the next, allowing the player to prepare more and more refined dishes when camping.
6. Exactly how much is there to discover in Moon Hunters?
I would say that an average player would have to spend at least 6 hours to go through all the procedural content, and more if they wish 100% the game.
7. Moon Hunters features many different characters. Are their any differences with the way they play?
Each character class plays completely differently, each with a unique set of skills. For example, the Druid is primarily a ranged class but can shapeshift into a wolf with melee attacks, while the Songweaver fulfills a support role, and has a unique “combo” system with 12 different attacks and buffs triggered with up to three musical notes.
8. Moon Hunters is very much an experience to be played with others. Will the multiplayer aspect make it into the Vita version?
We don’t know yet! We certainly hope so, but we haven’t guaranteed it (yet?).
9. Has development on the Vita edition started yet? Will there be any notable differences between the PlayStation versions?
We had a character running around on a Vita, but we can’t comment on this yet, as development is still in very early days for Vita.

10. Will the Vita version arrive at the same time as the PS4 version, and will you take advantage of Cross Buy/Save or Play?
It will arrive some time after PS4, and we don’t know yet whether we will support cross buy or cross-play.

11. What are your thoughts on the Vita as a system? Are there any games that stand out for you?
The Vita is a really beautifully crafted system, it just feels so fancy when you hold it in your hands! And to me, Tearaway is the #1 reason to buy a Vita.
12. What’s next for Kitfox after Moon Hunters?
Who needs a life after Moon Hunters? Can’t we just keep adding more and more things forever like Dwarf Fortress? No? Hm. Well… we do have a prototype one of our guys is working on, but it’s Super Secret, sorry. All I really know for sure is that we’re going to keep making games for years to come!
13. Finally, of the two Vita versions released, the OLED and the Slim, which do you think is best?
I would pick the Slim version, for its form factor!

We would like to thank Xin for taking the time to talk to us! We will have more news on Moon Hunters later this year, Do you like the look of the game?

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