Freshly minted Kickstarter project Tower of Samsara has set a PlayStation Vita stretch goal for those interested in the game – though it comes with a small caveat.

Pixel art platformer Tower of Samsara has just started its run at a Kickstarter campaign, looking for E60,000 to release on PlayStation Vita and currently sitting at E3,800 of it’s E42,000 base goal with 28 days to go.

It’s a game focused on “intense platforming and battling, environment manipulation and puzzles, choices, unique art style and online colaborative components” [sic] and it needs your help to come to our lovely platform.

Check out their vision in the trailer below;

More information about the game – including information on backing it – can be found at the title’s Kickstarter page. Hop over and have a look if the trailer piques your interest, but be warned – there’s no guarantee of a Vita code for backers as there’s no Vita-specific (or even Vita-optional) pledge option.

  • Does the team already have a devkit?