Experience has released their debut trailer for the recently announced Stranger of Sword City update.

Set to release this July in Japan, New Interpretation Stranger of Sword City is set to change things up a bit with regards to your pool of gameplay options – adding two new classes, at least one new character, new systems, new events, and other changes based on feedback from users like you. The best part however, is that it will be available either as a paid update or in a limited run physical printing; filling both the needs of the already purchased, and the collectors alike!

Have we piqued your interest? Check out the trailer for a look at this step forward;

New Interpretation Stranger of Sword City releases July 21st in Japan.

  • Lester Paredes

    Wow! It’ll be available as an update? That’s pretty cool. I sure wish other games did that. I’m looking at you, monster hunting genre.

  • Kelvin Morrison

    Unfortunate timing with NISA having just released the now ‘inferior’ western version when a 6 mo th wait could have netted us a complete physical version. Of course it depends how much difference it really makes in content but it is a little galling to see this just after receiving the English LE (and not having had time to play it)

  • Hmm, I might end up putting the game on hold until the update it out as I’m pretty curious to check out the changes. I’ve already completed it on the Xbox One so at least I won’t be wondering how the story will unfold while waiting for the update lol.